Beach Club Parking Rules

We are well into the new school year and that brings Homecoming Proms, Halloween Parties, and soon – Winter Formals. Often the Beach Club (or even the Beach Club parking lot) is the choice for pictures and get-togethers. Please note these parties can often be disruptive to your neighbors and need to be held according to existing rules, which are published in the Monarch Bay directory, see pages 47-49.

A few bullet points on how to proceed:

  • Any use of the Beach Club or parking lot for parties, picture sessions, etc. needs to start with permission from the Beach Club. The Application is on the website at www.monarchbayhoa.com under Library/Forms tab.
  • Details such as numbers, transportation in-and-out, sound systems (if any), etc. are communicated and then approved by HOA management and the Beach Club.
  • Registration of all guests needs to be in place 24 hours before the event at the guard house through our Dwelling Live system (drop off lists to guard are not accepted).
  • Larger groups (whether headed to the Beach Club or a private residence) require a second guard to facilitate traffic at the gate and monitor parking. The extra guard needs to be paid for by the hosting resident.
  • Party buses larger than 23’ are not allowed into the BC parking lot.
  • All guest passes must be visible on the dashboard or decal is visible.
  • Any guests exceeding the limit for parking at the Beach Club need to park near the host’s home and be shuttled down to the Beach Club or park at the Hotel and take the tram down.

If you have any questions or would like to turn in a form, please reach out to Jacquelyn Barlow at [email protected].