Holiday Decoration Contest Winners

The Holiday Cheer Group had a fun night hosting the Monarch Bay Community Holiday Lights Contest on Sunday the 19th. The Cheer Group, led by the Germans consisted of community families to include: The Lotts, the Kugelmans, the Coghills and the Leesons. The Group began festivities with hot cocoa and cookies at the beach club lawn. Then they headed out in a golf cart caravan around the community with ballots in hand and Christmas music playing. Each child and adult had their own ballot. It was great to see so many homes with festive lights! Overall, the community looked beautiful! There were many homes that stood out, so in addition to the First, Second and Third place winners, there are some Honorable Mentions as well.

First Place: #156 The Mullerโ€™s
Second Place: #17 The Leesonโ€™s
Third Place: #70 The Bryneโ€™s

Honorable Mentions:
#217 The Brobecks,
#67 The Mittens,
#407 The Burtons,
#228 The Lotts,
#167 The Tringales

The Holiday Cheer Group plans to continue this new tradition within the community.