Proposed CC&Rs Sent for Member Review

Watch for a packet from the MBA about our much-needed new Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) with a letter of explanation about the changes from the version last updated in 2012 when Monarch Bay was all on leased land.  Updated CC&Rs may be important to buyers, lenders, attorneys, and governmental agencies and could affect the value of our property.

The current and proposed draft and the letter can be found on the MBA website under the Documents tab at www.monarchbayhoa.com. Staking and surveying will begin soon in the Mall to describe the boundaries of the greenbelt more accurately in CC&R Exhibit A – β€œLegal Description – Property”. If you have issues, questions, or comments, please send these to Elizabeth Reed at [email protected].

Voting to adopt the new document will begin only after homeowners have had a chance to study them and comments have been considered at an open HOA board meeting.