Architectural Guidelines Amendments and Road Use Fees

Dear Neighbor,

The Monarch Bay Architectural Committee has been working to modernize the Architectural Guidelines. While these are still under review, the ACC prepared an interim set of design amendments to assist Homeowners and their architects when submitting plans. The Monarch Bay Board of Directors reviewed the proposed Architectural Guidelines Amendments and homeowner comments at their December 8, 2020 Board meeting. Taking Board and Homeowner comments into consideration, the Architectural Committee resubmitted the Architectural Guidelines Amendment to the Board, without the section 3.3 Views, for consideration.
The Board adopted the Monarch Bay Design Guidelines Amendments at their January 12, 2021 meeting. These are effective on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.

The Board had also approved, at their December 8, 2020 meeting, the updated construction Road Use Fees schedule, which went into effect January 2021.

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