Front Entry Traffic Update: February 8th

On Tuesday 2/8, the much-anticipated demolition of the front entry begins! There will be an estimated 4-5 days of demo followed by grading.

On Tuesday, we will still have 2 traffic lanes coming into the community, but zig-zagging to the left side of the guardhouse. All daytime traffic into Monarch Bay will be directed through what is currently the exit gate. All exit traffic out of Monarch Bay will be out through Beach Club Drive.

At night, from 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM, all incoming traffic (mostly residents with RFID devices) will be diverted through the Beach Club Drive gate. The guards will approach all vehicles that do not have RFID devices before access will be granted.

Note the daytime traffic map, and at approximately 7:00 PM traffic will shift to the nighttime patterns, noted in the 2nd map. See maps here.

We will have an additional daytime guard to help with traffic control for the next few weeks. These traffic patterns will continue to change dependent on the areas undergoing work at the time, so please watch for updates.

An additional community note: Cox Internet is working in the community today through Wednesday to upgrade 15 pedestals. You may experience some intermittent service. If you have any questions, please contact Cox Communications.