Monarch Bay Emergency Planning

The Monarch Bay Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) has been working to develop a plan that will help residents to respond to certain emergency situations including wildfire, earthquake, radiation release and violence in the community. The Committee utilized a consultant in this field and input from the City of Dana Point, the Sheriff’s Department, OC Fire Authority, and has borrowed heavily from published sources such as the Red Cross.

The Plan offers advice on matters such as Personal and family preparations and certain hazard-specific guides.

The Plan draft document has been published in the Library Section of the Monarch Bay website, https://monarchbayhoa.com/Library/Emergency Plan/. It is still very much a work in progress.

A very important section of the Plan – on evacuation if Pacific Coast Highway is blocked – remains to be worked out with the new Waldorf-Astoria management. The expectation is that residents will be able to gather at the Beach Club lot and be transported by golf carts through the golf course to safety at the Resort if necessary.

MBA planning also includes the installation of an emergency generator near the guard house. The generator has been purchased and will be installed in coming months as a part of the Entry remodel project.