Front Entry Construction – Traffic Re-Route

As we all know from our own home remodel projects, it is necessary to flex and bend with the start of any project…

We have some last-minute changes to the phasing plan for our Entry Enhancement plan based on City input.

Entry Traffic Map 3

We now need to start at the right side of the entry which includes closing the main entry lanes and Neptune Park parking lot, not Beach Club Drive as originally planned.

Instead of closing Beach Club Drive this week, we will be closing the Entry starting next Monday (1/31). During this phase, which will last 3 months, the 2 entry lanes will be closed as well as the parking lot. During this Phase, we will have alternate vehicle access, re-routed traffic patterns and alternate pedestrian access for the Park. The mid-gate will be open throughout this 6-month project (gate arms, barriers and RFID removed). Patience will be needed throughout this project, but especially this phase.

All vehicles will exit the community through the Beach Club Drive exit gate and out onto PCH from the far-right exit lane. Please see the attached map.

To summarize:

  • Entry & Exit from Monarch Bay will share the current exit side.
  • Entry to Monarch Bay will be limited to 1 lane through the current exit side
  • Exit from Monarch Bay will 1 lane limited to the right lane of the current exit lanes
  • Entry will be 1 lane in / Exit will be 1 lane out
  • The current main gate exit lanes (left of the guard house), will be FOR ENTRY ONLY
  • Residents can proceed in the far-left lane and guests will be in the right lane next to the guardhouse. No access will be given into the Beach Club Drive gate.
  • Mall access will be through the Main entry and through the mid-gate.
  • All exit from Monarch Bay will through the Beach Club Drive exit lane
  • “Main” Monarch Bay (not Mall), will need to exit through the Mid-Gate and then out Beach Club Drive

As you can imagine, ingress and egress is going to be very tight and busy. Please be patient. If your home is under construction, please ask your contractor to utilize smaller vehicles during this phase. Large cranes, double dirt haulers, etc.… will be challenging during this process. Everyone’s cooperation will be needed to get us through this exciting project.

We appreciate your assistance and cooperation.

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