Safety Reminders

Unfortunately, an unlocked vehicle, parked in the community, had some lower value items taken last night. The Association would like to share these reminders with you:

  • Lock it! Make sure vehicles, doors and gates are locked.
  • Keep valuable items out of sight. Do not leave purses, valuables or even change visible in a vehicle or home windows.
  • Lights, lights, Lights! Have your home area well lit or on motion sensor or on a timer to deter any unwanted activity at night or while away.
  • Have packages delivered to a business. Do not have them left on porches for extended periods of time.
  • Install locks on mailboxes as mail and identity theft are on the rise.
  • Add exterior camera: either a doorbell style camera or other to monitor your property.
  • Check that your DwellingLive list is current and proper RFID/decals are activated.

Report any suspicious activity to police so they can investigate, then share any details with the gate staff.

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